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The last couple years I've become more active in my daily life. My jeans just aren't allowing me to do random physical stuff i'd like - there are range of motion issues. (Mostly I worry that the crotch will rip out if stretch too far or step too high).

I would love an alternative to jeans that doesn't draw attention and provides the durability of jeans in addition to better range of motion.

These exist at the top-end of the market: Outlier (https://outlier.nyc/) makes a number of styles using technical/outdoor-gear inspired fabrics cut like more normal trousers and slim-fitting jeans.

Okay let me think about this problem this week, I'll probably have something in the next ~2 weeks.

I totally agree about jeans having limited ROM. I think the future of fabrics is a 90%+ Polyester and 4%+ Spandex blend. These stretch so they look really good, and they can make plenty of colors/prints(But I'd probably do black)

Not sure how the durability is for this, they are stretchy, so they wont tear at the seams, but they might not be good for laying bricks.

Other concerns:

>The pattern. The best designer is Victoria Secret. To get 1 pair of their technology to tear down and reverse engineer is 40$, but it wont be perfect because they are designed for females.

>Culture. I'm ultra paranoid about my clothes being workplace inappropriate. The idea is to be Business Alternative(Business Casual is lazy, Business Professional is try hard). I have dark blue hair but a business professional looking haircut. I believe we will still need belts and pockets to look professional. For my first pair I'll probably do navy or black. The goal here is to change Fit, not colors or details.

>Tightness- Fitting clothes look better than loose clothing. I think the biggest issue would be to have it fit around the hip, but not be ultra right around the butt and thigh. This is going to be the most critical.

Finishing my thoughts now-

This is giving me the idea that instead of belts, we should merely have a 'collar' around the waist to keep the pants up. This collar is stretchy and will allow bending.

Any other thoughts, I'd like to hear. I dont see many people trying to innovate on mens business clothes, but there are new fabrics that didnt exist 100 years ago, and I think there just arent enough men complaining.

Awesome! Looking forward to see what you come up with - I like this idea of "yoga pants inspired clothing for men".

The idea of 5-minute deep stretch breaks (that is, going to do some serious stretching without needing to change pants) is very exciting :)

They do have yoga pants for men at Lululemon. While abhorrently expensive ($100+) they look fantastic on a male body. Most of their men's pants have a looser fit as well as a boot cut. Lululemon is actually a clothing company that knows bodies. They basically redesigned athletic wear into something classy-cool and fashionable. I feel comfortable wearing their All The Right Places pants in a business casual setting (of course with a blouse, jacket, and nice shoes).

I think you just described Dickies / "work pants".

that's exactly what i was thinking, was about to post the same thing.

I've had similar problems with jeans, and lately I've switched over to these: https://www.prana.com/stretch-zion-pant.html

They have a bit of stretch and are more durable than jeans, and I don't feel out of place wearing them in any kind of casual setting.

I find pants from manufacturers like KÜHL [0] are great for this. They're sturdy, look nice, and have panels that allow for a lot of flexibility.

[0] http://www.kuhl.com/kuhl/mens/pants/radikl/

I’m actually wearing some Uniqlo EZY jeans that are really just sweatpants disguised as jeans. They’re just as comfortable as sweats but appear to be jeans to the uninformed observer. Maybe you should check those out.

I like to wear hiking pants that are synthetic blends - the grey ones without outside pockets look fine and are very stretchy, enough to do yoga

This is the way to go. These are comfortable, warm and breathable, and look decent.

Before going down the path of fashion pioneer, I would suggest taking a look at "Rapid Movement Denim" ;)

It will change how you regard jeans (and what you can do in them).

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