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I wonder what happened to human discernment. It’s like people think liars get away without detection. The only reason a person who bullshits an interview gets hired is because the interview was a formality to begin with; eg. Friend of management who the whole interview board knew was BSing but also value their paycheck too much to object. Yea, we don’t want that situation, and clamping down on nepotism etc. at the candidate level is just wrong. “Boo hoo, too many candidates, lets engineer a rube goldberg machine to make us feel objective.” Just treat candidates as people...

I can’t imagine hiring to scale product development inside such a dirty room. The most successful businesses I know of simply don’t complain about these things, nor have personnel problems; people do the work that needs to get done with a good attitude etc, with little awareness of title... acting more like “mom and pop” businesses who value relationships.

How is any company building an awesome thing with an awesome team, with word of mouth not bringing a torrent of personal references from the rank and file? The good ones have that going on in my experience, there is just a glut of shit rung employers (and candidates) here shaping our views toward defensiveness.

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