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It is difficult to believe that the person who knows how to sling slang like "chops" (technical command and facility in a given domain)is the same person who is only just hearing of HackerRank through an employer's request. Also saying condescending things like "cute little" in your response takes away from your earnestness cred and makes you seem angry. No one wants to start off angry with a new hire. That said, you have a right to be angry when an employer chooses to "batch process" you like just another piece of data. While your proposal is great and it shows you go above and beyond, and employer who uses HackerRank isn't looking for above and beyond. Use it to weed out employers who won't meet you halfway as a partner- the way you want to be met. If you are looking to work with a Willy Wonka, consider the thought and care that went into his job interview.

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