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Sure, valid points, and agree there's a place for this type of screening. I'm mostly referring to when you're experienced, and approached by a company via an on-site recruiter or employee referral. You are busy and not actively looking, but then trying to then feed you through hackerrank quizzes or whiteboards is just so off-putting.

My experience has been worse: After I'd do all that, they said "great, we'd like to hire you at 80% your current salary!". It angers me.

Nowadays I say up-front "I just want to mention this because it's generally been a sticking point and I don't want to waste your time, I'm looking for a salary in the range of $X". That has saved me a whole bunch of time.

Agreed. I've seen this a lot myself. Companies want you to jump through hoops for them, but the most qualified people for the job probably don't have the time, patience or desire to do so.

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