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Hiring managers need to be sure they're being fair to everyone. How can they do that looking at your side projects? They need a way to compare apples to apples.

Regarding the need to compare “apples to apples”:

(Manager, rummaging through an apple barrel)

“... apple ...” (toss)

“... apple ...” (toss)

“... apple ...” (toss)

“... fist-sized lump of uncut diamond ...” (pause... toss)

“... apple ...” (toss)

(Days later)

“Yeah, I found 2-3 decent looking apples... most are pretty bruised, though...”

But hiring and the work force AREN'T fair. My performance review, salary increases, and bonus aren't based on some normalized criteria, we're rewarded for going above and beyond.

Even on the surface "fairness" isn't really the objective, because there are going to be different hiring managers and interviewers throughout the whole process. The salary negotiation isn't going to be "fair" in this way.

I'd rather have someone who had a rich github history and a record of real accomplishment than someone who had none but could produce a good hacker rank score. Hiring is the most important thing that we do as managers, I'd be selling myself short if I didn't take it all into consideration.

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