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> If you block those 3rd party scripts, AMP pages literally take 8 seconds to load.

The pages load fast, they are just styled to not be visible until after 8 seconds.

For example, using the site used in the article, you can block 3rd-party scripts and bypass the AMP CSS using the following cosmetic filter in uBlock:

    scientias.nl##body:style(animation: none !important;)
With an extension such as uMatrix or NoScript, blocking first-party scripts will cause `noscript` tags to be rendered, and one of these tags disable the CSS animation, causing the page to appear immediately.

When I found out about this, I tried to find the reasons for this artificial "delay" in the AMP documentation: I can't find any valid reasons for the artificial delay.

The net result unfortunately is that most users wanting to block `ampproject.org` out of privacy concerns are going to feel the need to whitelist `ampproject.org` to "un-break" a site making use of it.

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