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AMD unveils 14nm Ryzen Embedded V1000 to compete with Intel Xeon D (linuxgizmos.com)
41 points by walterbell 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

It sounds like this is Raven Ridge — I'm guessing Ryzen Embedded is to Ryzen Mobile something like what Ryzen PRO is to vanilla Ryzen? But with longer-term support.

Nice to see some competition in this space.

For those curious, the Xeon Ds are designed for low-power servers; one can get a 8 core/16 hyperthread D-1541 that has a TDP of 45W. Makes for a nice home server but Intel has been charging a lot for them. AMDs offering will hopefully be a good alternative that's more reasonably priced.

I'm eager to see these in the field. I hope the SoC's that roll out incorporate ECC memory.

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