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> If Google would have a genuine interest in speeding up the whole web on mobile, it could simply preload resources of non-AMP pages as well.

... but they've been doing exactly that for ages. Originally with link rel=prefetch, and later with ever more elaborate schemes which I think culminated with this: https://plus.google.com/+IlyaGrigorik/posts/ahSpGgohSDo

But prefetching based on giving hints to the browser has a bunch of problems. The most obvious one is the one hinted at here: you can have either something ineffective, or something that's effective but complex and not supported across all browsers.

> Not doing this is a strong hint that another agenda is at work, to say the least.

The sinister agenda of wanting things to actually work well.

Yes, exactly. They (Google, others) cannot instantly load arbitrary websites because those sites would have access to the google.com domain in an unsafe manner. That is why AMP is “different” than other HTML. It is a safe way to allow Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo Japan and others to cache pages and preload/prerender them in the background before the user clicks.

We have to differentiate between prefetching from search and prefetching from the actual page being opened.

Google CAN preload arbitrary websites. They fully load your website, JS included, when they index it. As for the security problem when on google.com, they could still preload the HTML, CSS, webfonts, do all the DNS/HTTPS overhead, all of which would be safe to do, save those first few seconds, and create a level playing field.

If Google had genuine interest in just speeding up page loads after search they would let the client prefetch the page (amp or not) straight from the original domain instead of their own cdn.

That would mean the third party website would get traffic without the user having clicked on a link, creating a privacy issue.

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