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- Blog about it and get the community to be supportive and all jazzed up on how evil Apple is (IMHO: you did that too late)

Before you do this, make sure that:

1) You've got a valid complaint. I've seen too many developers complain about something being rejected when everyone who looks at the rules will instantly see that they're in violation (if you think it's a dumb rule doesn't matter, Apple made it up and Apple decides both if you're in violation and the consequenses of the violation)

2) Be aware that you're most likely burning bridges at Apple and killing any goodwill you might have with them. Calling them an evil empire just isn't the kind of thing that's likely to bring them over to your side.

I think that the OP has carefully avoided calling Apple names and such, and instead focused on the basic facts: he's spent a lot of time and effort to make the app (which has been received well by people at Apple), but there's a limit to what resources a small company can spend while waiting for a response. You'll also note that he's making sure to point out that he'd like to get back to work on it as soon as possible.

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