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$20mil from a company that isn't public yet isn't as good as it sounds. Who knows what the vesting terms are as well.

Yes, it's still a lot and there are ways to sell the stock but that's assuming they even get $20 million.

You say it's not 'as good as it sounds', it all depends on your perspective.

If you are earning $40k - $60k/year - which many young founders were likely earning before joining YC - even if after multiple dilutive rounds of financing you end up with 10% of the company, in a $20M exit....that's still $2M.

Sure, you can't buy Fiji....but you are literally going from a bank account with a few hundred/thousand/tens of thousands, to literally hundreds of thousands/millions.

That is VERY major the first time it happens.

I guess the point I am making is, the jump from having $10K in the bank to $1M in the bank, is SOOOO much bigger than from $1M to $100M - because it impacts your life much more.

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