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I'm one of those idiots who always forgets to bring reusable bags but since they passed similar laws in my city, I've cut down on bag use, sometimes just carrying all my items. Laws like that help because groceries no longer assume you want bags. Now you have to make a decision. So even when I do forget and have to buy a bag, I ask for the bare minimum and the clerk just stack my bag as full as possible. In the past, I think they would have left a lot more room.

I guess these laws have an impact just simply making us make a decision on the number of bags we want to be charged for.

Every time I go home to Tennessee to visit family, I’m shocked at how wasteful they are with plastic bags. If you buy a small cart load of groceries/whatever at Wal-Mart, they have a big rotating carousel of bags for the cashier to drop items into and they’ll consistently use every bag slot rather than putting everything into a couple of bags. They’ve sent me home with 6 bags before, each holding only 1 or 2 items.

I’ve had convenience stores try to give me a bag for a candy bar. It’s one item and I’m going to eat it now. What am I going to do with this bag? There’s always a look of confusion when I ask for items not to be bagged. It’s just such a foreign thing.

I’m glad that my city has instituted a bag fee and banned plastic bags. A lot of places don’t actually seem to charge per bag as they’re supposed to, but even so the number of people bringing bags is much higher now and the number of bags used is way lower. And none of them are throwaway plastic.

The habit of assuming customers want bags seems like one way to characterize much, of not most, of the problem. I get the impression it’s seen as a common courtesy for some, or a gesture. Maybe nothing more than a habit, maybe less than that.

I often just take one of the empty cartons some products are shelved in.

This easily gets you cockroaches, that's why I avoid this.

Seattle has 5 cent charge for bags. I don't much care for the reusable bags. I just reuse the bags I bought for 5 cents. They can be used several times before they fall apart.

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