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how do you feel about the government imposing these rules on commerce. In the UK we're quite used to this and don't mind. Americans often feel that government should keep out of capitalism.

i think it's fine in principle but in this case the implementation was poor. mostly i don't understand why non-reusable paper bags were banned. they're recyclable, biodegradable, and made from a renewable resource. the regulation requires paper bags to have handles and be at least a certain thickness so that they're "reusable". we'd be better off if the people that buy the 25 cent plastic bags and throw them away were getting disposable paper bags. probably need to charge them a fee on top for being wasteful.

in my opinion the second biggest problem with regulation is that often regulators don't properly account for human nature and some percentage of people being shitty. the biggest problem with regulation is corruption and money in politics. i think regulation is necessary in lots of cases. not sure that my views are representative of most americans though.

I live in Austin and the change was very welcome here as the city is considered liberal. About a mile away in a conservative county they would probably never have such a ban.

You can purchase bags however, I think they cost $1. For my family the ban worked, we always reuse our bags now. Before it was easy to forget even though we try to always help the environment.

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