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Why not bring your own (non-plastic) bag though?

... we forget.

Glad to know you're helping bring down the average though

> ... we forget.

My technique is to always have such bags in my bags so that I never go anywhere without having them on me. Redundancy :)

Do they sell cloth bags in the shops?

If shops stopped selling plastic bags people would figure out a solution.

And if social media companies were legislated out of business people would figure out solutions to staying in touch and we'd avoid all the zombies we're creating [1].

But then we cease to be a liberal (as in live and let live) society.

[1] I for one despise being in the company of someone on their phone while we're talking in the same way that others can't seem to forget the plastic tidal pool in the oceans.

I also walk and ride so the addictiveness of social media is literally a mortal danger to me in a way plastic bits aren't

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