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I think that the kind of folks who are _capable_ of building significant iOS based apps simply choose not to, instead of simply producing fart apps.

I avoided the platform for as long as I could. During that time: the tools improved, hardware and APIs have improved greatly, provisioning hardware got a lot easier, and the review process shortened significantly.

So now, I'm dipping my toes in and embarking on a fairly significant app. However, because I'm a long-time Mac developer, much of my existing code and experience moves over without much fuss—perhaps the developers of "signifiant" apps just have a different kind of "fart app"?

Rob's situation is fairly unique, and unfortunate. The whole ordeal is a load of BS, and I hope things change for the better for him. Briefs is a great idea, and it was easily the coolest iOS product demo at C4[3].

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