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Suddenly this 7 cents are the biggest expense and everyone remembers to bring their bag, which is awesome because effects are great.

I really don't want to give the city more money. They've already upped income tax, property tax (property values have been going up as well), and they played with the sales tax.

So you're ok with it, if the money just goes to the shop, but they are obligated to ask that minimum price?

Given the context of what's been happening in Chicago, and a bit of the mismanagement of how they prioritize things: It's been frustrating to be hit with a lot more taxes.

How do you stop people using plastic once then throwing it away?

Ask them. TAX them. Make it illegal. $100 deposit. Don't worry about it.

Plastic bags have some externalities relating to how people discard them. Why can't the city tax to help recoup costs?

I see you haven't experienced the latest increases in taxes in Chicago. Soda was one of them, but that was repealed.

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