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Yeah, modern dishwashers use less water per washing cycle than it takes to fill the kitchen basin for handwashing.

Fill the basin? You don't just scrub each dish with a damp sponge spotted with dish soap then rinse it?

To be honest, I used to wash dishes under running warm water, probably quite wasteful.

By the way, around here (North Europe) we have special dishwashing brushes that apparently aren’t a big thing in most parts of the world.

Any examples of the special dishwashing brushes? I'm curious.

These sort of things, with a handle and nylon bristles: https://www.amazon.com/OXO-Good-Grips-Dish-Brush/dp/B00004OC...

Oh, that's what I use (I'm in California). They're pretty common here as well. I don't understand people who use sponges. They're mold applicators as far as I'm concerned :)

I like to use a brush to get off all the gunk and then do detail work with a sponge.

A lot of people do it that way. Anyway I rinse the dishes but I'm not sure I'm using less water that way.

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