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Show HN: Introduction to Simple Computational Geometry Concepts Using C++ (wykobi.com)
114 points by ArashPartow 12 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I often wonder what would happen if we learned high school concepts like geometry by recreating concepts like this - maybe alongside learning the proofs, or even before.

Being able to derive proofs on tests is important, but I think equally important is to have created knowledge you can reference in the future.

This is neat. I’m actually in a Computational Geometry course this semester. Computational Geometry is pretty neat stuff and has some cool applications. Like for example mixing 3 paints to get certain ratios can be reduced to a convex hull problem where all the possible paint color ratios are contained in the triangle with the 3 points (representing the ratio of the colors of the paints) as vertices. My course doesn’t involve any coding and is more about algorithm design through pseudo code and proofs.

You're absolutely right, formal computational geometry is more biased towards exact algorithms and their associated complexities - specifically solving problems that more often than not have a geometric structure associated with them.

It is however fun from time to time to have some visual tangible results too otherwise things do get a bit dry.

Yeah I definitely agree it is fun to actually utilize pre built algorithms on a problem.

Very interesting. I like the examples.

Thanks! - btw if you have any ideas for other examples please do let me know, I'm very eager to add more interesting yet also accessible examples.

i _remember_ submitting this earlier, and sure enough : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13800862

but this was a while back :), so not marking it dupe.

@signa11 thanks for the note.

btw I've added a whole lot more examples since the last time, and I've also updated the library itself.


Please don't do that here.

I've reviewed some of the code from your port, and it seems like you've forgotten to carry the one in a few places.

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