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Google AI Residency Program (research.google.com)
90 points by sndean on Feb 21, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

So how is this different from other industry postdocs, other than being open to non-PhDs?

I'm guessing the quality of the program, and pay is better than average.

A little bit too late, I'm afraid. Applications closed on January 8th.

Maybe they will do the same thing next year so by making people aware of it now we help those people stay on the lookout for this the next time around?

Anyone know if the program is open to current grad students?

You have to graduate before starting the Residency, one of the current resident told me.

Too late :(

Like the idea very much

I know I will be criticized for pointing this out but, why post this here? I'm sure only a fraction of a percent of HN readers would be considered for a residency at Google.

Just found it interesting that AI Residency Programs are apparently a thing (all?) large tech companies have now. Didn't know whether everyone was aware of their existence. Plus, I'd consider applying.

Uber (https://eng.uber.com/uber-ai-residency/)

Google (https://research.google.com/teams/brain/residency/)

Facebook (https://research.fb.com/programs/facebook-ai-research-reside...)

Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/academic-program/mi...)

these options seem like practical alternatives to attending grad school. What are some reasons one would be opposed to this?

The only downside seems to be that they are difficult to get into.

Looking at the background of the current residents, I'd it looks more similar to a postdoctoral research position. Not sure whether it's intentional or a byproduct of the high degree of competition, but one likely needs Masters or PhD to get in.

But comparing these program with my current postdoc position (and grad school): The experience in these AI residency programs is probably more practical and less academic, and it probably pays more.

If you're a top-notch candidate coming out of college, I'd say why not try applying? You can always get a Masters degree and try applying again :)

Thanks! I wasn't aware of these and it's really helpful information for me.

I'll be honest and just say that it's actually incredibly discouraging to hear about things like this. I'll be interested to hear about the research but I don't care about the ivory tower.

Why is this discouraging, and how is it an ivory tower?

I enjoyed reading about the people in the program. I also read the articles about the New York Jets looking for a new quarterback even though I am not a candidate.

I think it's interesting to know, and certainly part of the pop-culture for the AI scene. So folks interested in AI might be interested even though they'll never join Google. The page also explains how the program works.

There's a link on the top of HN front page right now:

    There's a Persistent Hum in Windsor, Ontario
I'm actually not sure what percent is actually interested in those sort of articles, but oh well, they're there because the HN community has voted on them.

For something to be “exclusive”, something has to “exclude”.

The more people hear about that into which they will never be accepted, the more “exclusive” it becomes.

This is not exclusive to google. Others do the same.

If it isn't for you, then ignore.

A significant part of HN is interested in AI. So, what if they only have a slight chance of getting into the AI program. They don't lose anything by knowing or even applying but they gain the possibility of a life changing event.

I'm interested in AI. I'm just not interested in fantasizing about things that are completely out of reach. The amount of inequality both in wealth and opportunity in today's world makes me mad and this post only serves to remind me of it. If that means I've got a bad attitude or I'm a troll or whatever then so be it. At least I'm honest.

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