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Show HN: VEEER – A Lightweight Window Manager for Your OS X (veeer.io)
12 points by JulianPraest on Feb 20, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Cool effort, but for me, I think this is the kind of software that needs to be F/OSS - I don't want commercial freeware peeking at my windows!

I use Spectacle: https://github.com/eczarny/spectacle It's okay, but glad there is a competitor now.

Good luck! Please open your source code up!

Well done!

I normally use Spectacle, but I played (very) briefly with this. It has a slick installation and setup workflow. I like that it leverages the `WSAD` and arrow keys, and its options for composing those to get quarters of screens was pretty slick. Being able to drag by more than the title bar is something I've wanted _forever_.

However, right now it doesn't appear to support multiple monitors very well. When I use a Veeer shortcut, my windows are brought from whatever monitor they are on to my laptop's main screen (rather than staying on the screen they currently are on, and changing their position within the screen).

It would be neat if I could predefine areas of my screen which are asymmetrical -- e.g. 2/3 on left, 1/3 on right -- and use the corner arrangement key compositions to place my app windows in those areas. Right now, I use Spectacle's "arrange on left" (or right), and take advantage of how it will cycle between half, 1/3, and 2/3 widths when repeatedly arranging the window with the same command, but being unable to compose "right 1/3 + top half" or "right 1/3 + bottom half" has been infuriating, and is what made me so eager to try your product.

The "free download" button sends me a zip file of the image used on the modal popup, not the actual application. I'm using Firefox.

I installed it and enabled via security accessibility settings, but I don't get a menu bar icon? Does this work with high Sierra?

Nice afford. Why exactly it is not OpenSource yet?

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