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Yeah it's crazy that there's still so much controversy around this topic considering Node and Ruby have had amazing dependency management for over half a decade at this point. Dependency management in those languages is pretty much a solved problem and the fact that go isn't there yet drives me nuts since I have to work with it every day for my job.

Node and Ruby have had amazing dependency management for over half a decade at this point.


NPM didn't have package-lock.json until v5, released in 2017. Before then there was the optional shrinkwrap that nobody used, so builds were totally unreproducible.

Ruby at least had Gemfile.lock from early days. Unfortunately there have been so many compatibility problems with different versions of Ruby itself that someone needed to invent rvm, rbenv, and chruby. Getting every dependency to behave in the same Ruby version was sometimes an odyssey. Still, at least builds are reproducible... as long as you're running on the same OS/CPU arch (uh oh native code!)

Ruby is actually pretty alright given the constraints, but Node/NPM is the canonical example of how NOT to do dependency management, and they're still trying to figure out here in 2018.

In my experience NPM shows exactly how to build a package manager. They are slowly fixing the problems one by one but half a decade ago NPM was terrible compared to what it is today.

Well, the ways Node and Ruby "solve" this is are almost diametrically opposed, so I don't think it makes sense to call this a solved problem.

Indeed this thread has caused me to retreat back into my Ruby hole. Seems like any contemporary solutions should be at least as good as a Gemfile/.lock.

Bundler has been out since 2008. Just saying.

Node breaks on me all the time.

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