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I like the removal of GOPATH, even though I don't mind it at all, it can be an annoyance, especially when I don't want to co-mingle work/personal stuff. Now I don't need to worry about setting GOPATH based on what I'm working on. Plus sometimes I'd wonder, is it all in vendor, or is it using GOPATH for something.

Plus now libraries are "modules" so libraries can have dependencies for specific versions, before the question is what do you do if multiple dependencies have the same dependencies in their own separate vendor directories. This change removes that, as it's handled by the vgo tool for all modules in that build.

go.mod is kind of a cross between lock-file and dependency listing. I think it will work alright.

All together, it seems to be a cross between gb and dep, while also attempting to solve library-packages tracking dependencies too.

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