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Hiring: Elm is quite easy to learn. It's a shaved down Haskell for the language, with a military style strict version of React as the view paradigm. So you just need someone who has done some ML type language or is keen to learn, which is many people. Also see my sister comment about Haskell tax. (The employee pays the tax to the employer!). We really need to get away from this idea of "She's a Java developer", because she isn't. She is a problem solver with programming skills.

Lack of resources could be an issue. I am hopeful about Elm though as the founder has plenty of cash and passion to keep pushing it forwards, plus a full time job doing just that. Plenty of people who can step in if required. The compiler is written in Haskell so is probably quite maintainable. Much of the functionality is in libraries maintained by a diverse group.

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