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F# is a bit surprising, since it’s already on top of a mainstream platform. If all else fails you can glue in C# if you ever find that you really can’t do something with F#.

Isn't Elm built on top of maybe the most mainstream "platform"? JavaScript? If all else fails you can glue in some JavaScript via its ports system[1].

[1]Languages like PureScript provide a much more convenient FFI for this glue, but the glue and escape hatch is still there with Elm.

That's an apples to oranges comparison...

F# and C# compile to the same intermediate language, are interpreted on the same runtime, and are produced by the same organization for the same IDE... Their libraries are compatible and they rely on shared access to the common .net ecosystem.

Your absolute worst case scenario would involve decompiling your F# source as C#. More realistically you would use dependency management to gracefully transition out of one of the languages.

Transitioning piecemeal works exceptionally well: it's exactly how I've transitioned numerous projects away from C# onto F# ;)

Ummm Purescript compiles to JS and shares the same runtimes. Both languages have support from popular text editors, and their libraries are compatible and rely on shared access to the common JS ecosystem. In what way is it an apples-to-oranges comparison?

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