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I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be the only source - even at McDonalds, managers graduate from being regular burger flippers.

That's why McDonalds works, and software development is a perpetual disaster - McDonalds understand that to manage even something as simple as flipping burgers, you need to have done it yourself first!

It's the arrogance of business school management that's responsible for a great deal of turmoil across many areas of everyday life. Just imagine going to school for something that's not difficult, to 'learn' how to boss people around. For good pay!

Isn't that the dream of every non-creative, lazy, half-wit you never want managing anybody ever? Yes... yes it is...

This is a recent phenomena on a mass scale and it isn't going to last - getting high rank without having earned it has always been a complete disaster, just look at any point in history.

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