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> That is a fault of the programmer, not C. Sure, having those things in rust is nice but, my point about the above line is, he's talking out of both sides of his mouth (with all due respect).

The problem is, that at least 99% of C-programmers aren't good enough to use C. Seriously.

If you had a vehicle model that causes 99% of drivers to crash, wouldn't you say there's a problem with the vehicle rather than with the drivers?

We have now 40 years worth of proof that C is simply too difficult language to master in general case. Isn't that already enough?

I use C daily and have about 20 years of experience, but still don't consider myself to be good enough to use it. There was a time in the past when I did think I mastered it, but I was a fool back then.

This is not to say my code doesn't work; it does. It just sometimes has some weird edge cases compilers and static analysis didn't catch.

This is very bad in the era of network connected computers, because those edge cases are and will be actively exploited.

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