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That is pretty challenging, actually. The C language spec allows about anything with the semi-colons in the right place. Without more strictures in the language spec there is nothing to raise errors about.

Now you can ask for lots of warnings, -wall, but I suspect many people turn that off after the first ASCII tsunami.

another thing worth noting is that many projects need to support multiple platforms, which means multiple different compilers. good luck getting a large project to build on clang or gcc and msvc without warnings. i've run into cases at work where it seems like i'm going to get a warning from at least one of the compilers no matter what i do (barring complicated #ifdef/#pragma salad).

-Wall is a pretty low bar nowadays. There's some resistance to adding more to it, so you also have to enable -Wextra. I do at least those for all new C code.

And even those two doesn't get you everything. Clang's got -Weverything, but the developers suggest it's an internal feature and shouldn't be used. From there you have to manually identify and add -Wfoo options.

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