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I would just like to point out that many of these features are also features of C++ :)(RAII, Templates, etc.).

True, but Rust feels like C with the good bits of C++, but none of the weird ones.

It doesn't have Rule of Three (or Five), it doesn't even have constructors. No SFINAE surprises ("templates" work like Concepts which are promised, but not in C++ yet). No headers. Pointers are "smart" by default and moves work without explicit std::move. "Panic safety" is less taxing and needed less often than exception safety. You can pass objects by value without accidentally truncating them, etc., etc.

C++ can do a lot of nice stuff, and even a lot of it quite safely, but I feel like it's going to backstab me every time I forget about some obscure rule, and it's going to be my fault for not knowing it. In Rust I can be confident that if it compiles, it's good.

C++ does have a lot of the features that Rust has. You won't get any of the memory safety guarantees or compile time checks though. I will say that to me a lot of the C++ equivalents to Rust features seem very awkward to use (maybe not once you're used to C++ I guess).

This guy does a pretty good presentation on Polymorphism in Rust vs C++: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSlBhAOLtFA

The major issue with C++, is what also helped the language gain market adoption, copy-paste compatibility with most of C89 code.

So security conscious C++ developers tend to use enum class, string, vector and array classes, RAII, iostreams, wrapping data access in classes with invariants,...

Developers with more C oriented mindset, tend to just code away like "C with C++ compiler" programming style.

Hence the need being discussing since the last three CppCon, to stop using C style programming in modern C++.

CppCon 2015: Kate Gregory “Stop Teaching C" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnWhqhNdYyk

CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup “Writing Good C++14” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OEu9C51K2A

CppCon 2017: Bjarne Stroustrup “Learning and Teaching Modern C++” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX2W3nNjJIo&t=2s

Of course, preventing copy-paste compatibility with C, already solves many of those issues from the get go.

> Developers with more C oriented mindset, tend to just code away like "C with C++ compiler" programming style.

The way I've seen it described is 'C with more convenient comments'.

You mean C99 ? What I really miss from C , with some of the things of this article, is constexpr, compile time checked enums, ...

The problem is it has all the other ones too, the wildly unsafe ones, the impossible to understand ones, and as a result the good ones can’t make anywhere close to the same kinds of guarantees Rust can. C++ even pretends to implement Rust features in some cases like std::move which doesn’t ... move things. Or pattern matching which doesn’t ... match patterns due to lack of algebraic data types.

What makes Rust a joy to program in is as much what it won’t let you do as what it will.

C++ lacks cargo, and usually requires CMake or other abomination :(

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