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Show HN: SINATRA 2.0.1 IS OUT (sinatrarb.com)
15 points by kunpei 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

sinatra was my favorite minimalist framework, the dsl is so clean and easy to write, mvc was easy to bolt on, and it worked well for so many of my projects. great to see that it's still being updated. fwiw, i went through a phase of nodejs, and now golang, but i had a lot of productive years with ruby and sinatra.

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad to see your comment. I'm a maintainer of Sinatra. Sinatra can continue to grow in the future, and then I'll make it more easy to use and contribute.

Btw, I've also been using Sinatra in production environment and deal with large traffic. And, but is the odd-even, I'm also currently working on the golang team as my main side project :)

thank you so much for your contributions, i've been using sinatra since version 1.4 or so back in 2011, that was when i first started using ruby to develop mostly dynamic web apps and rest apis. back then i just felt rails was too heavyweight and liked the simplicity and freedom from choosing what i used in my stack, my favorite stack ended up being sinatra/haml/sequel, it was so easy and fast to get projects up and running, rspec was also pretty nice for testing.

the reason why i eventually went away from ruby was two-fold, the primary reason being performance, i was using event machine for asynchronous work, but it felt like it was an after thought, not really that powerful and a bolt on after the language matured. with golang this was built in from the beginning into the language. the second reason, which is almost as equally important, was the deployment, with golang, all i have to do is copy a binary over to my servers, i don't even need a compiler or runtime interpreter, it simplifies my server deployments. but with ruby, i had to leverage rbenv and deploy this everywhere.

i still recommend that folks use ruby if you need something developed quickly that's quite powerful, the libraries are extensive and great, and sinatra is excellent because it gives you the freedom of choice, unlike rails, which i used a lot also, but felt that rails was too heavyweight, it tried to force everything on me.

Thanks for your comment! It's the same reason for you that I started sinatra and padrino.

What you are thinking is very sharp and you will not be able to deny it at least from a fair standpoint. However, while I write golang, I also love ruby. Will it be the right place for the right person?

Last, I love the attitude to respect diversity.

I find Sinatra to be the quickest and simplest way to get a simple Ruby web app online. It was a godsend when I was starting out with Ruby development – the learning curve for Rails is so steep and sometimes you want something that just works, without all the Rails magic. Great to see it being kept up to date.

Thank you! I'm very pleased to see your comment. As you wish, I also want Sinatra to be there so I'll continue to maintain Sinatra until the time comes.

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