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Show HN: Submerger – A SRT subtitles merger useful to study new languages (github.com)
45 points by zonovar on Feb 18, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I made something similar for Japanese learning, but instead of merging subtitles, I analyze the Japanese subs with mecab, look up the words I likely don't know based on their JLPT level, and add them with reading and translation on the top right of the video.

I also plan to auto generate Anki cards with unknown words when I do the analysis pass.

Yours is this one from github, right?


I found it very nice. Thank you for developing this solution :)

I have not open-sourced my code since it's a gross hack I did in one afternoon.

It looks exactly like the screenshot of that project. Very interesting that I thought of the same solution without knowing jijimaku.

Wonder what two (or three) languages one should use this with: audio in new_lang, and subs in new_lang and your_native_lang ? Or some other combination ?

In my case I find it very useful to have audio and first line of subtitles in the language I want to learn and second subtitles in my native language.

This is really awesome. I'm learning German, and I can see a real use-case for this for me. I'll give it a try and come back with feedback!

This is cool and in the same vein I've found that a lot of Canadian gov't dept/figures have very literal translations of their tweets making them a nice, bite-sized snippet to translate, then check with the other tweet.

Make this as a service and I would pay to use it

Can you say more about what you’d want in such a service? What language are you learning? What kind of videos do you watch? Where do you get them? Youtube?

If there was a collection of videos on you tube which had subtitles for the main video and an extra language then I would pay for it. Danish for me

Nice. I working on something that does exactly that for Korean videos on youtube. If you're interested in helping with feedback, I could repurpose it for Danish. If so, email me at jon@jonb.org.

Send me a link to try it for Korean and I'll give you my feedback. You can post it here on Hacker News

I was actually looking for something like that last week. Thanks OP!

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