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Permutive (YC S14) Is Hiring an Elm Engineer in London
9 months ago | hide
// Who we're looking for

We're looking for an engineer to build our core dashboard product. You will be leading the development of our dashboard, used by companies with some of the largest digital audiences in the world to operate and manage our platform.

Our ideal candidate is passionate about type-driven development and functional programming. You should have knowledge of at least one pure FP language and a demonstrable interest in a strongly-typed language/framework that compiles to JS, like Elm or PureScript. You'll have several years' experience with frontend product work and web technologies, and have strong knowledge of the web stack, including HTML, CSS/Sass, JS, HTTP APIs, WebSockets, etc.

// Technologies we use

• Backend: Scala (Cats), Haskell, Java

• Frontend: Elm, HTML, CSS/Sass

• Infra: Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka on Google Cloud Platform

// Who we are

We're a Series A-funded startup based in London, 5 mins from Farringdon and Old Street stations. As a data platform for today's real-time world, we enable product, commercial and marketing managers to customize user experience in real-time, on every device across every channel.

If you're interested, drop me (CTO) an email at tim@permutive.com with your CV and anything else you think's relevant!

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