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Algorithms, Etc. (2015) (illinois.edu)
66 points by sarosh 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I took Jeff's senior level Algorithms class at UIUC back in 2002. His lecture notes are really high quality and presented in a very engaging style. Definitely worth checking out!

He also gave some very difficult homework problems. UIUC lore has one student noping out in a pretty amusing way: http://jeffe.cs.illinois.edu/teaching/pikachu.html

I'm in his class right now. He's a great lecturer as well as writer. If you are interested in following along, the algorithms portion of the course is about to start. He makes his video lectures and course materials publicly available: http://courses.engr.illinois.edu/cs374/sp2018/A/schedule.htm...

Recently took Jeff's Alg 2 class before graduating last May. Class was a doozy but his notes are the best I've ever seen.

Great prof!

I have his notes printed as a spiral-bound book sitting on my desk at work. This course is fantastic and the notes are great as reference material, or even just as something fun to read.

I'm taking CSCI261 Intro to Algorithms right now and happened upon some of his content while studying for some quizzes. This material is great.

I had Jeff for CS423. He is an incredible professor. The assignments were very time consuming but I learned a ton.

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