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The network is not intended for mobile use. The frequency is too high, thus it doesn't penetrate buildings very well. The idea is to put a lunch box or pizza box sized phased array antenna on your roof. As long as you have a fairly clear view of the sky, you should be able to get good reception with a moderately sized antenna. It probably would work for vehicles, however.

Actually these days you would probably use a Lens Array rather than a phased array as it has better characteristics for beam steering and multibeam use. That way the array can can communicate with more than one satellite at once.[0]

[0] https://dune.ece.wisc.edu/wp-uploads/2015/11/asil2017_ams.pd...

Sure, I was being sloppy with my language. I meant synthetic beam-forming in the most general sense.

(Interesting link, BTW!)

> It probably would work for vehicles, however.

For example, electric cars with roofs that are already solar panels—I'm sure adding an antenna to the mix would be fairly trivial.

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