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Agile is still the way to go and while many organizations have started becoming more agile they are still far from being agile.

In my opinion, Scrum is part of the problem and the worst of all agile methods. Its strength is certainly that it is very well defined what you have to implement to 'do' Scrum, but as the agile manifesto states, being agile means to value

> Individuals and interactions over processes and tools [1]

So when you implement Scrum in an organization, you build processes to enforce interaction. That is not wrong by itself, as that is how classical organizations used to work, its just not very agile. The problem arises when the management thinks 'We implemented Scrum so we are agile now', because in reality they just started to become an agile organization.

I am not completely against Scrum as it is a reasonable first step to transform a classical organization the an agile one. I think its just wrong to see Scrum as the final goal and be done with agile as soon as you implemented Scrum.

In the end, becoming agile means to change the culture of a company and as you might have heard:

> Culture eats strategy for breakfast

So it will probably take some time.

[1]: http://agilemanifesto.org

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