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HomePods are staining wooden tables with a white ring (theverge.com)
32 points by k_sh 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Apple is so most definitely going to release an Apple Coaster for $89.

Stain remover for $29 and soft clothes with apple logo on it for $19.99

How was this device never placed on a wooden surface before distribution? Oy vey.

It seems to be related to oiled porous wood surfaces and the HomePod's silicone base. Still odd that this would be missed.


Given how quickly Apple has admitted to the issue, and the existence of their “recommended cleaning” method, I wonder if they did.

I've put it on this for a couple of days and haven't noticed a white ring: https://www.cb2.com/framework-credenza/s214354

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