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Show HN: A Punny 3D Interactive Valentine's Card (ronikdesign.com)
96 points by mcat 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

For those wondering where the pun is: Click the die at the bottom center of the screen.

For those curious here's the repo! https://github.com/ronik-design/love.ronikdesign.com

This project was a blast to create. Our team's slack has been full off design and dev puns for the past week.

How did you simulate the heartbeat, I am curious to look at that code or that method. Awesome job!

Thanks! It's a simple scaling animation loop, just took a little trial and error to get the timing right. You can see the code for it here - https://github.com/ronik-design/love.ronikdesign.com/blob/46...

I love this! We are going to broadcast this on the screen at our valentine's day event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fancy-date-with-javascript-tick...

Please Callback me. Promise?

How did you come up with the text (the actual Valentines sayings)? Is it drawing from a list you made up?

Some of them came from friends, some of them we found on the Internet, and some of them we made up ourselves. There's not actually that many, you can see the full list here - https://github.com/ronik-design/love.ronikdesign.com/blob/ma...

Perfect. Will you marry me?

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