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I've walked past cafes that have no seats available because they are full of people with laptops, they have lost my business because they don't enforce any rules.

I don’t get it. Those people shouldn’t sit at the tables... because you want to be sitting at the tables instead?

Traffic, would you rather have four customers using a table in an hour or just one?

I think you're just assuming a lot - about how many coffees they'll buy and how profitable these people are.

But we don't even have to guess. Big businesses that are very careful about monitoring things like this, such as Starbucks, actively encourage laptops (with tons of power, wifi, rows of single-person desk tables) so maybe your intuition about what is profitable is just wrong? I mean you've thought about it for ten minutes and were already coming into the situation annoyed because you want to sit down and someone else was there, and Starbucks are running this business full time with I would guess people dedicated to thinking about this kind of thing.

I'm more inclined to believe their reasoning on it.

I mean you've thought about it for ten minutes

Sorry, did I say something to offend you?

The way I interpreted the parent post: that was intended to note the contrast to businesses who probably have several people who's full-time job is to think about these things.

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