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I've worked at 5 companies during my 13 years of programming and while I live in Eastern Europe and not North America, I can still confidently say luck has nothing to do with it. Companies who work on long-term projects usually hire junior devs, companies that work on short therm projects don't, it's as easy as that. Companies that hire more junior devs tend to pay less and usually struggle to keep the rising star devs that they helped train for the last 3 or so years. It's just the way things are, I don't get the entitlemend of the article.

I totally agree, this is just the way things are. Yet, I think it's still possible that businesses in general have become more short-term oriented nowadays. An abundance of short-lived startups, companies being managed for short-term objectives, etc.

Therefore, it's possible, that there are relatively more short-term projects than long-term projects these days (comparing to, let's say a decade ago).

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