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> people don't know how to use it right

IMHO you should not even suggest there is a "right" way to use meth. If you do you're basically advocating for drug use.

There is no right way to do drugs. Don't do drugs kids, period.

There certainly are right ways to use drugs and doctors are generally supposed to know them. And some people without a medical degree/license happen to know too though they're quite rare to meet. I don't advocate mindless illegal abuse of any substances but I don't advocate mindless falsely-moralist medical purism and all the nonsensical "war on drugs" policy either.

By the way I am about 99% sure that the main reason behind drug abuse epidemics, drug-induced degradation and deaths is lack of relevant education (the real kind, not just the scary "don't use drugs" stuff), lack of understanding and support. NO SUBJECT EVER should be made unspeakable. The more serious a problem is - the harder we are to try to actually understand it and everything relevant to it thoroughly and educate everybody to understand that. Imagine we would just teach kids not to use electricity / not to friend with those who use it and scare them about electrical shocks instead of telling them they should use it with their hands dry.

I presume you get your FDA-approved meth from a licensed pharmacist?

I don't take any though I have given it a try many ears ago. I personally prefer alprazolam (aka xanax) now - it helps great with my ADHD too (especially in combination with piracetam and sunifiram) and is much safer as long a you don't abuse it (by taking high doses or mixing it with alcohol). Anyway, it is important to mention that FDA-approved meth from a licensed pharmacist costs are insane, street meth of the same or better purity is more affordable by orders of magnitude. There is also no such thing as "approved meth from a licensed pharmacist" outside the USA unfortunately so if you need it and go abroad that's a problem (I wouldn't even risk having it in my luggage).

Even if there are, you should not publicly talk about them. Otherwise, what's to stop me from thinking you're a meth dealer who's advertising its product?

> Otherwise, what's to stop me from thinking you're a meth dealer who's advertising its product? reply

Common sense, perhaps?

By citing the hundreds of academic articles about the benefits of them?

By showing the countless cases of success of drugs like Penicillin?

Keep quiet about condoms too, otherwise people might think you're suggesting they have sex!

(This is an ignorant comment but it doesn't deserve to be flagkilled, I think.)

In regards to ignorance, if your view of drug use comes from the popular media then it looks irredeemable. If you have no personal experience of people you know who have tried or recreationally used different drugs you will be seduced by the notion that "there's no right way to do drugs". Indeed, not long ago it might have even be easy to hold the same opinion about marijuana.

The reality is that while some drugs hold the potential to wreck lives, few drugs are worse than those we already grapple with and accept into mainstream culture: tobacco and alcohol. Just as with alcohol it is possible for other drugs to ruin lives, but just as with alcohol many drugs can be used without doing so.

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