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Only on HN...

I also point this out whenever someone mentions the frog analogy on reddit. So, also on reddit.

In Poland, right-wingers / conservatives use "lemmings" as a derogatory term for political opponents and basically anyone who doesn't agree with them. It isn't because they're fans of the game from 90's. There was a Disney animal "documentary" which had a scene with lemmings jumping off a cliff. The thing is, lemmings don't do that (don't suicide). In the movie, they were pushed for dramatic effect.

Moral of the story: conservatives in Poland live in their own delusions.

Redneck Mythbusters: put the term in search engine. Youtube works well most of the time. If you can't find multiple videos or photos showing it happening, it's probably not real. If all you can find is reports like "a bloke told me", it's probably not real.

If you're not at work, try it with "fluffer". Some stories are too good to be true.

Maybe you should try to contribute to the discussion instead of trying to derail it with trivia? Especially if that's something you do repeatedly.

Maybe you should have selected a better analogy instead of a flawed one?

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