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The iOS version of Focus is implemented as a content blocker, and you can use it across the system.

Not across the system, though. It only works in Safari. For system ad-blocking, the easiest option is via DNS based Ad-blocker services like Adguard Pro or Adblock (both are paid apps and available on the App Store).

There's also the VPN option. PIA, for example, comes with its own system ad-blocker (MACE) although it's nowhere as good as Adguard Pro (which allows you to use custom DNS server).

It's not just Safari. The only times I really care about ad blocking are using the web with safari and Feedly and watching video. The content blocker also works with web view embedded in Feedly.

I very seldomly watch live ad supported video. I have ad free Hulu. For the two networks that aren't on Hulu - CW and CBS, I watch VOD from them via Plex. Because of the way that the Plex channels work, they skip the ads.

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