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Show HN: Badge Designer Tool (badge.design)
22 points by aheppy on Feb 14, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Hello, I'm the main dev for the badge design tool. It took around 2 weeks to go from concept to sketch to the MVP you see today. It was released to the public just yesterday, which is why it has a few niggles. I did limited testing for a number of reasons:

1 - I'm lazy 2 - I think I'm a great programmer, moi? bugs? 3 - It's not mission critical (that's the real reason)

I'll address any bugs or issues and push them as I do. The tool sits outside of our main certification platform and any feedback will help us refine it before we add it to the platform.

Our internal development setup means we can trivially share the code between web properties without much work, so it will exist on BOTH https://badge.design/ AND https://dashboard.accredible.com/ viva la monorepo!

Thanks for pointing out any bugs and/or showering the team with praise.

I like the interface - no question about what you are meant to be doing there, jump straight into it. It work's fine on the desktop and sending a certificate works nicely as well.

I'm not sure if clicking a badge should add them on top of the existing layer though - would many people design complex badges? If not, maybe save the current badge and let users see the new badge they click from the left instead of the current one.

How do you plan to make money from this - appears to be completely free to make and use the badges. I had a brief look at the help (which probably shouldn't be on a different domain), and didn't see much there.

Thanks for the thought on layers. We're hoping to add more shapes/images to the left hand side including things like icons so I hope it'll make more sense then. With the current set of mostly pre-made badge SVGs you're absolutely right!

In terms of making money, we provide a badging and certification service at https://www.accredible.com. We're aiming to keep this tool free so that it can be useful to people getting started. It's something we want to keep improving and it seems a shame to lock it down to our customer-base.

Heads up: I'm getting a "Sorry, desktop only" message, and I'm on my 13" Macbook Air using Firefox 58.

Fixed that for ya

We made a free to use SVG badge designer. Would love to hear some feedback!

I'm using Chrome on Android, and it the site doesn't seem to work correctly on mobile (maybe it isn't intended to- in that case, sorry!) The initial badge selection screen isn't cleared after one is selected, and by scrolling to the right, I can see a clutter of other elements underneath.

Thanks for pointing that out! We didn't check things out on mobile so we'll add a notice for mobile users in the short term and look at real support in the longer term.

iOS 11 and Safari here. Same thing for me. I can’t do anything with the site.

Seems to be the case with all the mobile browsers I checked with.

Fun to mess around with. I wasn't able to change the text size though. It was either 30 or, if I completely deleted the size, it seemed to default down to 14. On Firefox 59

Thanks mustoffa, I've replaced the numerical input with a slider, it should act more reliably now.

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