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Ask HN: A pixel on my screen is walking like a bug. What could it be?
7 points by rubicon33 on Feb 13, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments
This is very strange.

Yesterday morning I began noticing what I first assumed was a very small insect meandering around on my screen. I quickly realized that it was not an insect after I tried to squish it (the dot just kept moving about).

I then realized it was a single pixel, or a dot the size of a pixel, that moves around my screen in a meandering fashion, very similar to how an insect moves. It tends to focus around the top left of the screen, but "meanders" all the way to the right sometimes as if it's looking for something.

My next thought was malware. I attempted a screen recording using Quicktime but was surprised to find that the meandering pixel did not show up in a screen recording. Hmm.

I was able to record it on my phone.

Any ideas what this could be?

It's a real bug. Do not squeeze it. Turn off the screen an put a bright light next to the side for a night. Maybe you will be lucky and the bug will go away to the light. I wasn't so lucky and the bug died between layers of my screen. Now I have line of about 5px that are black. Saw this issue on other people monitors too, especially when you are a person that likes to work in the dark, during the night with window opened. Bugs are attracted by light and warmth of the monitor and just crawls in to it.

Well after @DamonHD posted in this thread saying he had one of these. I got the bright idea to just google it. (I know, I know).

Turns out, this can really happen!


I guess it actually was/is a REAL bug.


Ok, maybe its NOT a real bug? What the hell is going on. Look at these videos:



This user is saying that the "bug" appeared on 2 different monitors. If it was an actual bug, it would have to have gone OUT of one monitor, and INTO the other.

... What.

Like others have said it is probably is a physical bug under there. I had this happen on my Nintendo DS as a kid (I think) it was infuriating because it would actually register touches on the touch screen!

An insect inside your LCD: I had one of those!

This also happened to me once on an older LCD monitor.. damn thing was stuck in there forever after I managed to squish it

I am perplexed. If it's an insect, it is a VERY small one (literally like the size of 1 pixel?).

It certainly moved exactly like an insect. I'm quite confused as to what kind of insect it would be, that inserts itself into my monitor...

There are some very small critters that live in our homes:


heh, I'm sure you're kidding but... I tried squishing it. If there really was something under there, it would have died.

> heh, I'm sure you're kidding but... I tried squishing it.

Small bugs are often very resistant to squishing.

Nope, mine seemed pretty-well immune to attempting to press on the screen.

Really? So you weren't joking? How could it get in there, and how could it more about so easily?

A parasite inside your eye?

Or eye-floaters?


No, definitely not. I was able to record it with my iPhone (pointing it at the monitor).

Hahaha, can you post the video?

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