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Ask HN: Need help with creating a mock up
9 points by saqibanajam 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Hi, I am a non-technical designer looking for a tool that allows mock-up of a web browser plugin on an actual website. Although it is easy to find tools that allow web design and mobile app design, is there any mockup/wireframe tool for browser plugin?

Based on your previous submission, what you're asking for is something like a design template for plug ins / extensions. I don't think one exists or at least I couldn't find one. Though any web or app design / wireframing tool can be used to design that. I would look through https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/getstarted and figure out the different parts of an extension / plug in to get started.

Balsamic Mockups[0] might be useful for this purpose. (Have never used for a project before, but have played around with it)

[0]: https://balsamiq.com

If you just want to show how it looks, there is an app called Pencil. It allows you to select different styles, one of them looks very much like a sketch. This prevents viewers to spend time on irrelevant details, as it's very clear that it is a sketch.

I haven't tried Balsamiq, but Pencil must be the open source competitor to Balsamiq.


Mind sharing if you find something? I'd be interested to know too.

pencil / paper

As a programmer, this is the only way I design things. I really should go about learning a design platform (i.e. Framer), but it looks like there is a large learning curve.

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