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Show HN: Procedur.al – Unique, procedurally made-to-order wall art (procedur.al)
44 points by heycesr on Feb 13, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Suggestion: allow the buyer to specify some piece of information that will be used as the seed for any needed noise in the generator. That way you can market it as a personalized thing. "Put your name in, or some important date, and it's uniquely encoded in your print!"

The pricepoint is far too high for the product.

Edit: I'd also like to point out that "free shipping" listed on the product page and "shipping included in the price" listed in the FAQ are different.

How is free shipping or "shipping included in the price different?

Even if you say "free shipping" the shipping is still just included in the price. Tanstaafl.

Although printing prices do vary quite a bit from one paper stock to another, these prices seem fairly reasonable to me.

What would you say is a fair price point?

It's Hacker News, someone is always going to be "well I could write this myself in 20 minutes and print it out why would anyone pay money for it." I don't think those are the people from whom to take pricing advice.

Just a quick disclaimer: you may be seeing different prices than Adamantcheese, I've been experimenting with them a bit to see if I can increase conversion rate.

Hey, thanks for your feedback! I've updated the FAQ to match the product page :)

Suggestion, since this is an art product: make the images way bigger. On my 15" Macbook Pro I see a couple of dark squares with wavy white squares in the middle, and struggle to really make out what I'm looking at.

I also think far too much of the print is just the blue background.

Took a quick look, but I am a little confused still - does this service take your own source code and turn it into a wall poster (like many other services do)? Or do you create the posters out of other graphical elements unrelated to someone's source code?

What is a good example of this?

Commits.io has been doing this for a long while - https://commits.io/

I feel like the word unique is used wrongly here.

Per dictionary: > being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

I think all the posters you might sell will look a lot like each other, and are therefore not unique. Unique in the sense you use, is not very interesting and hardly a selling point. A stick from my garden is also unique, so is the drawing from my kid.

From the website:

"Designs are individually generated and made-to-order, no two prints are the same."

I think the point is that they might as well all just be the same. You could just put three of these side by side on the wall and see that they are different, but not in any kind of interesting way. There’s a lot of potential in procedurally generated art prints, but these prints are “unique” in the same sense that individual frames of TV static are unique.

I always wished that Joshua Davis would offer a service like this... are you both the artist and the logistics for this? If so, have you considered just providing the logistics aspects for other artists to consume?

Congrats on launching that's the most important step of them all.

I would love to be able to upload my own processing art and print that. Is that something you would allow for?

Thank you! That's definitely something interesting I might explore in the future. I've been thinking about doing something with external artists/collaborators, but first I think I'm gonna be focusing on having a solid offer (as in a lot more designs).

Congrats on launching this! Good for you.

What service are you using for the procurement and shipping? Can you tell us a little about how this was put together?

I'm really curious about the technology you use to create the images, could you tell us about it perhaps?

Sure! I’m using Processing to both sketch designs and generate the final images that get printed. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to get started with and it also supports animations, if that’s what you’re into :)

Thanks a lot, wish you luck with your site!

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