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cscXD on Feb 13, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite

"Take this quiz to find out which cybersecurity specialization is best for you!"


Required: First Name, Last Name, Email

[close tab]

Congratulation! You passed the test.

Another way to pass the test is to enter cypherpunk/cypherpunk as first/last name, I guess. Oh, and the email field isn't validated anyway, it doesn't even need to contain an "@".

Seriously, aren't data protection and privacy almost the most important parts of cybersecurity? Anyone who misses those shouldn't be trusted with anything involving IT and security anyway. The best way to ensure that certain datasets cannot be stolen is not to acquire them in the first place. (Principle of "Datensparsamkeit".)

I'm aware that for certain state actors the concepts of "privacy" and "security" are totally different things, almost contrary to each other. However, from an individual's perspective these two concepts are intimately connected. (pun intended)

Gets even better when they ask for your salary. Absolutely useless page.

There is literally no useful information on this website.

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