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Ask HN: Entry-level freelance work in (computational) linguistics?
4 points by marttt 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
I recently came across the UNL (Universal Networking Language) project. It's an academic NLP language, but, as I understand, the development used to be open to essentially everyone:


So you could join the project as a 'layman' and prepare yourself using the UNDL Foundation's online teaching environment. Then you would essentially work with the syntax and semantics of your native language(!), and get paid based on your input.

Currently the project appears to be stalled. But I wonder if there is anything remotely similar available elsewhere?

A paid (computational) linguistics research project/job that would welcome laymen-freelancers as contributors, and that would allow one to learn relevant skills on the go?

(I've no background in CS nor linguistics, but I've always found syntax (as well as phonetics, spoken word, dialects, sociolinguistics) interesting. So I am essentially looking for a "modest" entry point to these fields. Thanks!)

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