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Ask HN: SySAdmin/SRE/DevOps Bootcamp?
3 points by adige01can 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments
Hey Folks,

I have been pursuing different courses on Linuxacademy.com, and I stuck at some point because the information delivered is not evolving to a production environment know-how. I would like to know your thoughts on this, and I am open to recommendations if there is already this type bootcamp to enroll.

Thanks, MAC

Books and courses are nice and helpful, but the only way to really get in and do things right even as a junior sysadmin is to get a job as a SysAdmin/SRE/DevOps/Network Engineer so you can work with others with real world experience. Without it there is absolutely no way to get to the level of expertise needed to get to the top of the game. As with the really important stuff, there is always a team making it happen.

By getting a job you will experience the good old production environment which is something books and courses cannot teach you, especially when you have to deal with different types of environments/people that only SysAdmins, Network Engineers, DevOps have the responsibility to manage and secure and keep up (24/7/365). As most mission critical environments are extremely fast paced and very sensitive to accuracy and due diligence you will learn some serious skill sets that you will get from working in those types of environments.

If you want to learn quick and master a large spectrum not touched in the books working on a mission critical team will get you up to speed especially if it is for the government (NASA, Military, NSA, CIA, NGA, SCC, NRO, FEMA, Secret Service, FBI) or a not so critical but high profile and important commercial company (Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Twitch, Amazon, any top defense contractor, etc.)

I would like to work as Junior but I have financial responsibilities, and I live in Bay Area. With Junior roles, I can't survive. That's why I am looking for a shortcut like bootcamp. It will allow me to gain some hands-on experience without losing my income.

Here is the training pathway I use to make novice (entry-level) system administrators:


That's really detailed pathway.Thak you! But the problem is after all these steps I still won't have hands-on, real-world experience. I completed the Python courses on Linuxacademy, but at the end, I know some Python to manipulate systems.I did not accomplish anything on the real world.

You are welcome! I understand. Sounds like you are ready for practical experience. How about volunteering online? E.g. https://www.apache.org/dev/infra-volunteer

I've tried to be a volunteer, but it seems nobody cares in hipchat channels.

I'm sorry to hear that. Did you try the mailing list?

https://www.apache.org/dev/infra-volunteer reads:


Hang out for a while until you become familiar with processes and people.

Thoroughly research an issue when you request a change, and provide the results of your research in an easy to digest, easy to verify format. Don't expect people to take your word for things, but provide relevant links. Provide sample commandline statements you think may work for resolving a particular task if possible. At a minimum, always RTFM!

Be conservative in sending e-mails. Keep e-mails concise and to the point. Send as few e-mails as possible.


Thank you! I will take required actions this night to be a volunteer.

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