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I doubt that Web Workers vs. GCD makes a difference in user-visible performance. Parallelism matters more for domains that are the responsibility of the platform: image decoding, media playback, vector graphics, etc. (Web browser engines are starting to run away from the Mac system libraries in some of these areas, by the way: Skia and even Cairo/Pixman significantly outperform Core Graphics in many cases at this point, for instance.)

I'd also argue that VS Code isn't much worse off than most native code editors. Most code editors outside of Xcode don't use NSTextView and so have to implement all of the behavior themselves anyhow. For example, as far as I'm aware Sublime Text pretty much implements just as much of the core editing logic as VS Code does.

I'm not denying your complaints, of course--they're valid--but I don't think the gap between native and Web/Electron is as big as you're implying.

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