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Ask HN: Which is your favourite prototyping tool?
6 points by xstartup 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Paper, scissors, tape, sometimes printed old data, and a pen to fill what’s missing. Labels for what goes to what for certain actions. To reproduce, I can use a copy machine.

I can stay remarkably focused in a creative activity while away from a computer. Programs take more time from me by adding inconsistent friction to what I want to express, and spending time undoing the magic but wrong assumptions that are automatically applied break the flow for me.

Pen + paper.

This approach to describing interactivity flows on paper https://vimeo.com/133046716


Middlemanapp + scss + susy grids one for an html prototype which then becomes the style guide.

Emacs (other text editors are also available).

The great thing about software (and I definitely do include interactive/UIish stuff here...) is that the barrier to entry is pretty low. No need to do anything special just because you’re “prototyping”.

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