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Show HN: Strftime.guru – automatic strftime format detection from date samples (strftime.guru)
11 points by inem 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Great tool, I see it's by the creator of https://crontab.guru/ which I have used a few times in the past. Thanks!

Well, not really :) But it is definitely inspired by crontab.guru

Oh, it's linked to on the bottom in a way that it looks like it was created by the same person.

Pretty handy project. I think probably most of us have to look this stuff up from time to time when parsing timestamps. Nice work.

Thanks! That's true. And it is pretty annoying, because regular developer has no chances to remember all the shortcuts.

Actually after we started working on it, we found five projects, attempting to solve the same problem: foragoodstrftime.com, strftime.org, strftime.net, strftimer.com, strfti.me

None of them were ideal though. We analysed them, took the best parts, threw away the worst - this is how strftime.guru appeared.

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